On communication


The meaning of our communication relies on the response that we get from others once the communication occured. If the recipients understand the meaning of the conveyed messages, then the communication can be deemed as an effective one. But when it goes another way around, there must be something to look at. Therefore, evaluate ourself in communicating before pointing fingers to others. 

As stated above, if the responses are not as expected, there are two things that might be wrong or missed. They are: 

  1. The messages or words are not clear enough for others to understand (what)
  2. The way we deliver the messages does not suit the style of others (how)

In order to have the messages to be understood by others, ensure that we are communicating in accordance with others’ preferred style, i.e. Expressive, Amiable, Direct or Analytical. The four-style in communication is well known as Business Behaviour Styles (BBS). This will be discussed in separate article. Meanwhile, prevent ourself from generalizing others when it comes to communicate. Some love data in details (head) others might love small talk and pure relationship in communication (heart). Do know others and be CURIOUS!

Treat others as THEY want to be treated. 

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